Mr Gulabchandji Kasliwal with Elite People of The Trade

Welcome to Quick Trade Co @Gems by DK

Our roots run deep into India’s well-known Zaveri Bazar which was than known as Bombay and now as Mumbai. From Johari Bazar in Jaipur, Rajasthani where our forefathers created the grounds for us to play this game of “Art of Jewelry”.

We the “Kasliwal’s” have been serving the gemstone market for over few Generations now.

With our vast and inherited knowledge of Jewellery and the various aspects of the trade, we are given the platform to provide the most eligible choice to the trusting and admirers of “Gems and Jewels”. We stretch ourselves far and wide to keep the motto of our elder of using natural and genuine gemstones.

We also provide the Exact purity of Metals, may it be Gold / Platinum or any other specified materials used to make the Jewellery of your choice into an item of love and trust.

We provide the utmost for even the non-expecting Clients. We always follow-through till the end leaving no room for Doubt.

With Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, we ensure that You also will be dealt with fairness and be provided with 100 percent Specified outcome of product, may it be Diamonds, Gemstone or Jewellery.